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Great Article: The Basics of Audio and Video “Resolution”

4 Nov

Here is a great article about understanding what “resolution” is and how it affects the quality of your video production:

Understanding resolutions can be a challenge. I clearly remember the days of questioning what all these mysterious statistics signify. The primary key to consider is that the increased the resolution, the better the product.

With music, you will generally see terms like 48kHz or 24bit. The first one, kilo-Hertz or also kHz, signifies the size of the sound spectrum. Humans can officially hear from 20hz to 20kHz, though individuals may be able to listen to a much higher frequency. For most online video, 44kHz will be the most popular of the resolutions.

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Using Google+ for Video Podcasting

1 Nov
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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

The guys over at did a cool experiment with Google+ for recording a video podcast:

What we did was extremely simple:

Create a private G+ Hangout with those video podcasting

Use Camtasia, set the recording area to a custom size that fits the Hangout video

Press the record button and start your podcast!

I had to use a microphone that recorded the sound coming out of my laptop speaker, so sound quality wasn’t good. Kevin and I were also using our built-in laptop cameras so our video quality wasn’t great. But when it comes down to it, this was a test run that can be greatly improved upon- we just wanted to test it out, share the idea, and see what you folks think.

via How To Video Podcast Using Google Plus Hangouts.