Free E-Book on Video Podcasting

27 Oct

Once again the guys over at Vidcast School hit it out of the park, offering a free e-Book on tips for video podcasts.  They give some great tips!   Here’s a snipit from the intro:

I have spent years learning these techniques and countless hours tweaking the method of producing a video podcast.

In this e-Book, I will detail some of the most important tweaks, tips and hints that can bring your program’s quality from amateur to professional just by following a few steps.

At the time of this writing, Video-casting is posed to be the “next big thing” on the Internet as more devices become available to watch the best content available in the world.

Are YOU going to be one of the pioneers of video podcasting?

Well, are you?!?   Download the e-Book here!


Apple’s podcast tutorial

26 Oct

Now this is pretty cool: Apple has posted a series of eight video podcasts to the iTunes Music Store [link] that explain how to make a great podcast (both audio and video) with iLife ’06. Topics include setting recording levels in GarageBand, making use of introductory music and sound effects, adding web links and images and editing video with iMovie HD.

Check out these video tutorials, they contain some useful information.

Top Free tools for making your own Internet show!

25 Oct
This is a great list from Vidcast School on free tools to help create your own video podcast or show:
  1. Windows Movie Maker – This nifty editor comes free with any version of Windows sold today.  It’s very easy to use, and outputs to WMV files which are simply transported into our next piece of software.  TIP: Make sure to upgrade to the latest version of the software.  Older versions lack certain features that may be useful.
  2. Handbreak – This freeware encoder will convert from any major format into Apple compliant MP4 files. It also renders fast, saving you time.   Handbreak is a must have!
  3. Audacity – As I outlined in my e-book, having top-notch audio quality is a must.   Audacity if a free audio editor that will work with many different formats.  Its noise reduction and effect plugins can raise your sound from “Ok” to “Wow!”
  4. Blip.TV – If you can not afford to provide your own hosting, Blip is really the only free solution.  They will give your show its own page, send information to iTunes and even cross-publish to services such as YouTube. As well, they give you options for advertising that pays you a portion of the revenue. Of all the free video solutions on the Internet, they are the only company focusing on good quality vidcast shows.
  5. XSplit Broadcaster – If you want to switch between multiple cameras, screen captures and even video games, this software is for you.  It is currently in Beta, so the developers are making it freely available.  Once the project is finished in beta, it will cost you $97 per year to register.  I know that moves it out of the “free” section, but if there is one piece of software you need to be a video podcaster, XSplit is the only choice!  To make up for the fact XSplit won’t be free forever, I’ve included a bonus!